It’s not just you–
Capilano has definitely gotten hotter.
Bikram Yoga is heating up the neighbourhood.


Susan Agrios Mindfulness Training May 19th @ 7PM - Posted on by

We are excited to welcome Susan Agrios and the launch of her Mindfulness training this coming Tuesday at 7PM (Yin Yoga class will be canceled).  We are the thrilled to be the host for this event and invited anyone and everyone to join us.  Call the studio to register or stop by the front desk after class!

Bikram East TIME OUT Mindfulness Introductory Class May 2015-0

30 Day Challenge at Bikram East Edmonton - Posted on by

Yogis we are 6 days into our spring challenge and the yogis are doing great!  A regular practice this time of year helps to balance all the extra outdoor activities we do.  Last longer on running trails, the playing fields, biking, swimming, golfing, on the courts or wherever the warm weather takes you outdoors.  Avoid injury, see new gains in your sports and increased flexibility this summer by staying connected with your yoga!

It’s important to remember with the change of season combined with a regular practice that you are replenishing your electrolytes.  We tend to sweat a bit more overall in the warmer months so you need to ensure your hydration is up to par.  We have a number of electrolytes at the studio and are happy to discuss options that might work for you.  Keep your hydration cool in the fabulous Namaka bottles – with a variety of colours and sizes you can find the perfect fit for you.  Don’t ever suffer from slurping back warm water from a bottle left in the car over the summer.  The Namaka bottle will keep all your beverages cool (or hot if you prefer) for 10+ hours.  Come see why it’s the only bottle you’ll ever use and try it today.


We are thrilled to announce that we are offering TWO new Yin classes on Fridays, at 11:30AM and 7:15 PM.

These 75 minutes classes are done in a room temperature studio to allow for the long held postures to stretch deeply and access the connective tissue in the body.  Focus for yin in primarily on the hamstrings, hips and low back – so if these areas are tight this is a great class for you.  Take some time in stillness to help heal the body and mind – put the busy world on on pause and tap into some bliss.  This is a perfect way to either end your week or start your weekend.

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