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Yogis and friends it’s time to spruce up your fall yoga wardrobe with our Buy One Get One 40% off sale.  Get your lesser priced item at 40% off, you can’t go wrong with your tremendous brands like Teeki, Oakley, Beyond Yoga, K.Deer, Be Love, Onzie and Lala Land.  Take advantage of great prices today.

We are also putting out water bottles on sale at 25% off!  That’s right, get the bottle that will ensure you never have to drink warm water in the room, or your car, office, stroller, wherever, again!  These bottle work, they come in a variety of sizes and colours, check them out today

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Energetic Anatomy of a Yogi Seminar – Sign up today at Bikram East Edmonton - Posted on by

Just a reminder that in less than two weeks we will be hosting the Energetic Anatomy of a Yogi seminar.  This is not to be missed, an amazing experience where you will gain insight into energy and chakras associated with your postures in Bikram class with renowned yogis Paul and Jaylee Balch.  Join us for the 2 day seminar, change your outlook, your practice and yourself in this unique and powerful seminar.  Call us to register or stop by the front desk today!

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Schedule Updates at Bikram Yoga East Edmonton - Posted on by

We are happy to bring back some classes this September from their savasana!  Watch for the following additions to the schedule starting the week of September 1st:

  • Monday 3:15 Bikram Yoga
  • Wednesday 6:15 Bikram Yoga
  • Saturday 1:15 Bikram Yoga
  • Saturday 1:15 Power Flow Yoga – 60 minute class
  • Sunday 3:15 Bikram Yoga

Holiday Monday (September 1st) will have our regular schedule so come in and start the month off right!

Also thank you for everyone who helped to raise donations for the ALS ice bucket challenge, we raised over $130 and Shauna took a brisk shower after her 9:15 class Sunday.


Shauna has been given a heads up that she’s about to be hit with the ALS ice bucket challenge! In prep we’ve got a plan – our goal is to raise $100 by the 9:15AM class this Sunday. If we hit the goal and she’ll accept the challenge and donate the money. Miss the mark and she stays dry, donates the funds raised and does a $100 donation on her own. Join her on Sunday to donate, do class and get a laugh!


Along with our Bikram series we offer room temperature Yin yoga classes as well.  Yin is a practice where we hold postures for a longer period of time focusing on the deeper tissues of the body such as ligaments, joints, deep fascial networks and even our bones. Sounding unfamiliar to you?  This type of stretch is not typical for us, but the benefits are tremendous. If you’re curious about trying this practice the time is right for you to experience some Yin with us!