Our Studio

We’re proud of our studio, and we’ve worked hard to offer you the best Bikram Yoga experience possible. Here’s how we do things a little differently at Bikram Yoga East Edmonton:

Two rooms

This means more options for you in the evenings. We know finding time isn’t easy— but our classes on the hour make it easier. Join us from 3 to 7 p.m for classes starting every hour.


Chances are you’ve been a victim of the stinky carpet. Never fear, we have the solution! Due to the risk of slipping, Bikram requests that only carpet be used in his studios. But what is a girl to do about that, well, odour?
You get yourself some Flotex.
This revolutionary flooring is used in the studios and offers a slip-resistant property. One of the only truly washable textile floor coverings, flotex is waterproof, odour-proof, and offers constant protection against bacteria. Combine that with regular maintenance and you’ll be free and clear of those smelly memories.


We believe that the best Bikram Yoga experience requires the right room. That means having a consistent mechanical system that delivers the right combination of heat, humidity and fresh air. Here at Bikram Yoga East Edmonton we have worked hard with experts to put together the right components to offer this to our students.

Family values

We’re in this for the long haul, and we’re striving for our success and yours. Working with your sister provides a level of commitment you might not find anywhere else. We have a feeling you’ll enjoy hanging out at our studio—just ask anyone who knows us!

Twenty-six and two: the system that works

The Bikram Yoga series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises is like a prescription for health. The series systematically works through your entire body unlike any other form of workout. That’s why we do not change or modify the postures. Each posture moves into another and builds upon the next in a sequence designed to optimize the effect on your body and systems as a whole.

Coming Soon

Seminars/Learning: We plan to offer seminars facilitated by our yoga and anatomy experts to help educate you as a student on the human body and yoga’s effect on it.  We will also strive to connect with the Bikram community’s most senior instructors to enhance and expand our knowledge of yoga.

Private Sessions: Do you have a group of friends interested in trying Bikram Yoga? Are you a student looking to gain more insight and depth in your practice? Whether you’re looking to practice with your friends, or you’re simply a little shy, a private session might be right for you. Bikram Yoga East Edmonton welcome sports teams, social clubs, co-workers, students and friends. Call us to discuss options!